Are you a “ragged butterfly” like me?

DATE: 03/12/2009 07:53:55 PM

butterflies inspire me.

I didn’t realize until recently that I am drawn to butterflies.  They begin as caterpillars that must face diverse situations just to survive.  Then, they transform into a completely new creature. They epitomize grace and beauty.  They soar where others cannot.

This struck me last Sunday while I attended a March of Dimes “family team” event in St. Louis.  For nearly five years, I have volunteered with the March of Dimes.  It was through research and funding from that organization that my twins are alive today.  I went into pre-term labor at 22 weeks and again at 25 weeks.  I spent 9 weeks on bedrest and strong medications.  I delivered two healthy, happy babies on November 5, 2003.  So, since then, I have tried to give back to the organization that made my family possible.

So, I found myself at the event last Sunday at The Butterfly House in Faust Park.  It was an amazing experience to say the least.  Not only did we register a hundred walkers for the upcoming March for Babies on April 25th, I was able to enjoy the most beautiful butterfly exhibit in the area.

We took many pictures while at the event but one in particular stands out to me.  It is of a butterfly that has clearly had some scuffles in life.  The wings are a bit ragged, but to me, it makes it that much more beautiful.  I began to realize that I’m like that butterfly.  I may have some scars from my life experiences, but each time I face adversity I think I come out stronger and hopefully with more grace.  So, with the hard time that many of us face in these uncertain times, won’t you consider being a “ragged butterfly” with me?  Let’s inspire eachother.

Feel free to add your comments and “soar” with me!


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Trish is a practicing HR professional with over 15 years of experience in Big 4 public accounting, PR, and healthcare. She is also an international speaker. With expertise in leadership, employee relations, performance management, training & development, change management, social media, and innovation, Trish is able to capture readers and audiences with real-life examples of how leadership plays out in organizations. I am also a working mother of 7 year old twins with a great hubby and three dogs I adore. View all posts by Trish McFarlane

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