Disney Vacation…Part Two

DATE: 03/27/2009 02:29:42 PM

Magical and inspiring.  That is what Disney promises you when you book your vacation and I can now attest that they deliver that and more.  Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine how much fun my twins (5 years old) would have spending a week at a Disney Resort.

We arrived at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (the newest of the Disney resort properties) and the kids were thrilled to learn that they had bunk beds.  They thought we were the coolest parents because not only did they have bunk beds, but our balcony overlooked the savannah and animals could wander right up near our room.  There were giraffes, zebras, long horns, ostrich, etc.  It was wonderful.

Our goal was not to spend every waking moment at one of the theme parks, but to be able to visit the four major parks and have the children experience anything they wanted to do.  Since we arrived on a Thursday mid-day, we headed off to Hollywood Studios.  This was an amazing park.  They have the new American Idol Experience, Tower of Terror, and the Aerosmith Rock-n-Roller Coaster.  There are also great shows and other rides.  It seemed like every time we turned around there was another parade.  The best part of the day was seeing ‘Fantasmic’ which was and adapted version of the old Fantasia cartoon.  The children were completely in awe as Mickey Mouse (who they believe is real) fights all the evil villains from the Disney films.  There were fireworks and nearly every popular character was represented in the show.  What a great way to start our vacation.

Day two brought us to the Magic Kingdom.  Now, I must tell you that I have not personally been to Disney in many years.  My parents last took me 25 years ago and I went during my senior class trip exactly 20 years ago.  So, you can imagine how impressed I was at all that is offered there now.  It has really grown.  There were the tried and true rides, and yes, I still have “It’s a small world” playing over and over in my head.  Carleigh wanted to ride every thrill ride possible while Jack wanted to see shows and ride things that were not in the dark.  Since they still believe the characters are real, it was a real joy when they met Pluto (Jack’s favorite) and Pinnochio.  Our day was again filled with parades, fireworks, and food.

Speaking of food, I recommend the Disney meal plan for anyone traveling there.  We estimated we saved over $800 on food by purchasing the meal plan in advance.  We also then had the luxury of not carrying wallets into the parks.  All you need is your Disney ticket to the world card.  It is your pass into the parks, your hotel room key, your credit card, and your dining plan all rolled into one.

There is so much more to tell, so more to come……


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