Sharing a Bit of my Scrapping Inspiration

DATE: 03/29/2009 08:43:59 AM

Today there is snow in St. Louis.  So, what a perfect Sunday to scrapbook with my kids.  In that spirit, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite completed pages.  My style is typically simple.

This was my way to capture the twins’ birthday.  I wanted to keep it very simple and incorporate boy and girl colors into the scheme.

This is one I created that was part of a smaller calendar.  When the year was over, I added it to a 12×12 page.

This is one I love.  I wanted to incorporate my son’s art into the page.  He was a big fan of the Incredibles movie and this was the first time he drew an actual movie/cartoon character.  He was three years old.

AUTHOR: Grace Hester
DATE: 03/30/2009 09:46:02 AM
Hi there, found you via alphainventions and I have enjoyed the few postings so far as a fellow working mom trying to “juggle” it all. Will check in once in awhile. Cheers!


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