All is well with the world…and I’m in the mood for cupcakes

DATE: 04/05/2009 08:38:48 AM

twins have returned.

After having a great time with Aunt Karen, the twins are home and all is well in my world. As soon as they came home, we headed to visit several car dealerships to look for minivans or suv’s.  I’m driving my lovely, perfect, and FAST Saab 9-3 and there is no chance I’ll give that up (sorry hubby) but our other vehicle is a small suv and now that the twins are getting ready to start kindergarten, we’re thinking we need a bigger vehicle.  We’re going to be carpooling once Jack’s football and Carleigh’s cheerleading start up.

So, we came home empty handed this time.  We definitely need the room of a minivan, but trying to make that a “cool” vehicle is impossible.  I  don’t think hubby and I view ourselves as minivan drivers.  Sigh, but I think that we really are there.  We looked at several new ones since we want one with 2 dvd’s and tv.  We also looked at the Aspen but man- I don’t think 13 mpg is a smart move anymore.  So, we’ll wait to see what we can find over the next month or two.

We grabbed some pizza, awesome Papa Murphy’s, and hurried home.  We had plans for Carleigh’s little “boyfriend” to come over to eat and watch movies.  He’s one of the cutest and nicest little boys we’ve met so we were excited for him to come over.  After pizza, a little ‘Marley & Me’, guitar hero and making sugar cookies with sprinkles (which were all over the kitchen), we headed off to bed to watch SNL.  It was actually a perfect night at home with the family.

So, twin kiddos are sleeping in, I’m watching CBS Sunday morning, and craving cupcakes like crazy.  Think I’ll be the coolest mom ever when they wake up to chocolate cupcakes for breakfast?????

I’m going to find out!

Happy Sunday to all………………

AUTHOR: Grace Hester
DATE: 04/05/2009 12:28:52 PM

My husband and I are both fighting the battle to NOT get a minivan despite having two young ones. It’s a squeeze sometimes especially if my mother-in-law who lives with us decides to join us on an outing but the gas, cost of maintenance, and overall “how do we fit this in our 2-car garage?” factors always end up dissuading us to get one. Is it different when they start activities?
AUTHOR: Trisha McFarlane
DATE: 04/05/2009 02:37:29 PM
Hi Grace. Thanks for the comment! I think it’s the combination of knowing the activities the twins are getting involved in now have equipment (like Jack’s football). Up until now, we have had them in gymnastics and ice skating lessons, so no equipment involved except ice skates. We also need to be able to carpool with other parents in our subdivision and our Jeep Liberty only holds four people (because of the two car seats). I completely relate to having to squeeze in with a mother-in-law. No matter who we bring along, I’m pretty tiny and I always get stuck squeezing between two car seats. not fun.

We noticed the Chrysler Town & Country 2009 version is a little more truck-like looks wise. It’s boxier now so that would be a possibility. It had the dual dvd/tv so that hubby and I could listen to sattelite radio in the front, one kid could be watching tv on the 2nd row screen and the other kid could be watching a dvd in the back. Pretty cool!
DATE: 04/06/2009 01:47:41 PM
Thanks for the feedback on the new blog. We had great weather but it didn’t help my Phillies (I hate Atlanta). I can believe you about snow. I am originally from Buffalo and the hubby is from Fargo ND. Nothing shocks us as far as weather goes. Hope it gets warmer soon.


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