Missouri Botanical Garden- 150th Year Anniversary

DATE: 04/11/2009 06:53:14 PM

Today was the perfect day to spend at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  2009 is the 150th anniversary of the garden Henry Shaw started.  It is a place that focuses on education and botanical research.  There are numerous types of gardens for visitors to view.  Some of my favorites are the Japaese Garden, the Gladney Rose Garden, and the Children’s Garden.  In addition, there is the Climatron greenhouse and glass art throughout the gardens by Dale Chihuly.

There are so many photo opportunities, and my favorite was when I caught some special moments of the twins playing hide-&-seek.  They kept running aroung the same tree, peeking at eachother.  Then, laughing like crazy.

After we played a bit, the kids ran to the bridge feed the Koi fish.  They were the largest fish we had ever seen.

We also spent time in the Children’s Garden.  There are forts and treehouses to climb in, places to learn about plants and trees, slides, sand and sensory tables outside, and a music awareness section.

We ended our visit by stopping by the gift shop.  The kids needed a little snack for the ride home (aka- candy).  I did pick up two things for me that I adore.  The first is a chocolate bar with smoked bacon inside.  Yes, you heard right….bacon.  It’s Mo’s Bacon Bar by Vosges Haut Chocolat.  It was absolutely wonderful.  Smooth, creamy chocolate that is not too sweet with small, crunchy, salty bacon pieces inside.  Heavenly.  The other new favorite for me comes from Bissinger’s.  It’s Gummy Pandas in Blueberry Acai flavor.

That’s all for now.  Getting ready to dye the eggs for tomorrow.

AUTHOR: paula
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DATE: 04/13/2009 07:40:46 AM
Hi Trish, what a fun blog you have! So different from what I normally look at and your sketched cards are great! I gave up drawing long time back, I have so much more fun coloring now! The stitching is from a non-fancy Kenmore sewing machine that is at least 10 years old, passed down by my SIL, who used it once! BTW I only sew on paper! lol, not a sewing fan of the material because patterns are just too complicated for me, haha! Your family photos are great and your weather looked to be as great as ours was in MI. Thankfully the snow may be a memory now! fingers crossed!!
AUTHOR: Kellie – Mother Of Twins
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DATE: 05/20/2009 12:00:53 PM
Thanks for sharing your Botanical Garden visit….Really fun pics!


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