My Grouchy Ballerina

DATE: 04/30/2009 12:59:49 PM

I was looking back through some picutres from this time last year.  It’s amazing how you don’t notice the changes in your kids until you actually pause and look at a picture from a year ago.

This time last year, Carleigh was participating in ballet class.  It was something she decided to do with her cousin, so I signed her right up.  Let me tell you one thing about Carleigh….from the day she was born, her nickname was “firecracker”.  She is a little ball of energy.  Very independent.  Her own girl, if you will.

So, you can imaging that ballet wasn’t quite her thing.  Having to be still a lot and listen to the teacher give her very specific instructions on how to hold each pose nearly drove her crazy.  But, one year ago, we were preparing for her first recital.  This picture was taken right after class and it just makes me laugh to see her as a ballerina….she doesn’t even look happy about it at all.

Truth be told, if there had been a hip-hop or breakdance class for 4 year olds, you would have seen a big grin on her face.  Well, better to find out at a young age that she’ll never be a prima ballerina.

More soon….

DATE: 05/01/2009 02:57:47 PM
That picture is so cute. Lindsay too found ballet to be “boring.” Teeball is also “boring.” She’s going to either try gymnastics or cheerleading next. 🙂


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