Hamburger Heaven? No, just cupcakes!

DATE: 07/28/2009 12:36:56 PM

i found the cutest recipe ever!

I am a huge fan of baking, and more specifially, baking from scratch.  I love finding new recipes online and sharing them with friends.  One I recently came across was particularly fun.  It’s for hamburger slider cupcakes.

Now, before you stop reading this and think that sounds gross, give me another mintue.  Hamburger slider cupcakes take the very best cake and turn them into little sweet sliders.

The premise is easy, make one batch of yellow cupcakes (either a mix or from scratch) and one chocolate batch of cupcakes (again, from a mix or from scratch).  Once the cupcakes have all cooled, you cut the top and bottom off of each yellow cupcake.  These tops/bottoms become the “slider buns”.  For the meat patty, cut the top and bottom off of each chocolate cupcake.  Use the middle section as the “meat patty”.  Now, to assemble, you will need frosting in red and yellow (for the ketchup and mustard).  You will also need to have some shredded coconut that you dye green with food coloring.  This is the “shredded lettuce”.

Take a yellow cake bottom “bun” piece, add some yellow frosting (using a pastry bag) to make it look like mustard.  Put the chocolate “meat patty” on top.  Add the red frosting “ketchup” on top of the meat patty.  Next, add a bit of the “shredded lettuce” and top with the yellow top bun piece.  There you have it!

I decided that my dad’s birthday would be the perfect venue to try these out.  I planned a family dinner for him at my house.  The main course was a hamburger bar with all the fixings.  The dessert (instead of a traditional birthday cake) was a plate of slider cupcakes.  They were a big hit.  Not only were they easy to make, they tasted great and everyone had a fun time eating them.

AUTHOR: Lisa Rosendahl
DATE: 07/28/2009 02:48:27 PM
You are hired to make the cake for my daughter’s birthday party in January!


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