The First Day of Kindergarten

DATE: 08/17/2009 09:56:35 PM

Well, it’s happened.  My babies have reached their first major milestone…Kindergarten.  It seems like yesterday that I was bringing them home from the hospital.  Now they are really going off into the big world without me.  The important thing is that I know they are ready.

It took us a week to prepare.  Who knew that buying the right school supplies, clothes, lunchboxes, backpacks, etc. could take so much time.  But, the twins had fun doing it.  The night before school started, Jack looked up at me with his gorgeous brown eyes and said, “Mom, I am so excited I think my heart is going to explode!”  I felt truly happy for him. There were two things the twins were especially excited about: being in separate classes with different teachers and riding the school bus.

As we prepared to head to school, I asked them if I could take their picture.  They really didn’t want me to, but when they saw that some neighborhood kids had to do it, they agreed.  With the obligatory picture taken, we were off.  Jack was still begging for me to just let him ride the bus but I told him that Mommy really just needed to drop him off the first day so I could make sure he got to class.  I know- UNCOOL mommy.

We arrived at school and the twins immediately found several friends from the neighborhood.  They were all practically running through the front door of the school.  Remember being that excited for something?  Well, it was great to live vicariously through them.

I walked sis to her class first.  She has several friends in her class from preschool and the subdivision.  She immediately found her seat and got started on a coloring project the teacher left out for her.  Next stop was Jack’s class.  He too marched right in, found his seat, and settled in.  I was so proud.  No tears.  I made a quick exit so there would not be tears from me (it was a close call) but I made it.  They were there and on their own!

At the end of the day, I was anxious to hear about their new adventure.  I walked up to the bus stop and not a moment later the bus was coming down the hill. My heart was pounding…would they be on the bus….had they missed it?  The bus pulled to the corner and my neighbor and I crossed over to watch the kids come off the bus.

As my precious kids bounded off the bus with the biggest smiles I have ever seen, I knew this was the start of a very good year.  They were each talking so fast I could barely discern which one was talking about what.  They had stories of new friends, the new teachers, new rules that “baby preschool” didn’t have, new schedules, and yes, A Principal!  They think she is really nice.  I figure just wait until they get in trouble. 🙂

I hugged them tight and walked my kids home.  It was a perfect first day of Kindergarten.  I only hope that the friendships they make will last a lifetime.  When I think back to my kindergarten year, there are three friends I had that stand out in my mind: Eric, Mark, and Chris.  Now, 33 years after kindergarten, I still talk to those three friends at least once a month.  I also see them regularly.  I hope that when my kids grow up, they will be able to say that kindergarten was the year that they made some life-long friendships.


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