Stormy Saturday Morning

DATE: 09/05/2009 06:26:56 AM

Well, it’s Saturday and I’m up early. 

You would think that I’d take advantage of the weekend to sleep in, but it’s storming here and I like sitting on the couch watching and listening to it as the rest of the family sleeps.  It’s also these few quiet hours in the morning when I can write and plan out the day.

It’s been a busy week around our house.  Tyke football practices are in scrimmage mode now.  My kid is doing so great and I am the proudest mom.  We did have a scare though because earlier this week one of his teammates broke his arm during practice.  It’s a shame because this kid was not only good, but he wanted to play so badly.  Football is a dangerous sport at any age.  We’re just trying to teach our son to be careful and have fun.  His first scrimmage against another team is Sunday up at the high school.  He was able to practice at the high school this past Thursday, so he is really excited about it now.

His sister is equally excited because Sunday for her means the first time cheering in her uniform with pom poms.  She has been working so hard with her team and they are just so cute.  Something about 5 year old cheerleaders who *think* they are in high school is fun.  They are taking it fairly serious most of the time.  They do have their moments though and at the end of each practice they tend to choose one of the football players and cheer just for him.  Each practice it’s been a different player.  The poor boy usually doesn’t know quite what to do when he has 10 little squealing, giggling girls cheering for him.

I’ve had a busy week as well.  Busy with work, busy with my HR blog.  I really love having that outlet- it allows me to be creative in a whole new way.  I was especially excited yesterday when a reporter from the Washington Business Journal wrote an article about one of my HR blog posts from my site

Here is a link the article in the WBJ:

 That’s the latest for me.  I’m hoping to enjoy this holiday weekend and take some great football and cheer pictures to post on Sunday or Monday.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

DATE: 09/05/2009 05:04:30 PM
How did I miss the Washington Business Journal’s recognition. Congrats and well deserved. Hope you are enjoying your day.


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