Sharing A Special New Friend- Debbie J. Brown

CUBS gameI’m writing a special post today on my mommy blog about a new friend of mine.  I debated whether to post this on my HR blog since it is about someone I met via that blog and Twitter, but since it carries over into my personal life, I want to share it here.  I also want all my friends who read this blog to see an example of how using social media (blogging and Twitter in particular) can not only grow your business contacts, but also your personal contacts.

As most of my friends know, I love meeting people via social media.  A few months ago, I had the pleasure of *meeting* a new friend online.  Her name is Debbie J. Brown.  Debbie has spent her career as a senior sales leader with a Fortune 500 firm  She’s led multinational focused teams using the sap hro platform. Before that, she lead benefit administration.  Debbie and I recently became “tweeps” on Twitter.  She is such an engaging person online.  She shares great industry information and she is always there to volunteer to help collaborate on a project within the HR community.  What I liked most though was the way she moved our relationship forward by reaching out via email.  As we exchanged information and emails, I began to think of her as a friend.  This week, I finally had the pleasure of meeting Debbie in person in Chicago.

Debbie and I were both at the HR Tech Conference.  No only did we do more “professional” networking, but Debbie invited several people to attend the Cubs game with her.  I personally had never been to Wrigley field and I jumped at the chance to spend some casual time with my new friend and some of the other people we are connected with via Twitter. 

Although the day was quite grey and rainy, we all headed to Wrigley Field for a day of fun.  Wrigley FieldBuilt in 1913, it has served as the home of the Cubs since 1916.  Walking in and around it was different from any other stadium I have been too.  It is so drastically different from my home stadium (Busch Stadium- home of the St. Louis Cardinals).  As you walk through the turnstile, you feel like you are stepping into baseball history.  The loyal fans, the smell of the Ball Park hotdogs, the beer vendors, all make you feel like you are experiencing something very special.  It was extra special to be there for the first time with several new friends and it was all due to Debbie organizing and treating us to this experience.

The Cubs played the Diamondbacks and while the outcome of the game was not good for the Cubs, the overall experience was outstanding.  We suffered through rain with smiles on our faces, thrilled to just be there and to be together.  It was an opportunity to continue to learn about each other and share ideas.  It was something I will remember all my life.

In addition to Debbie and I, Steve Boese, Laurie Ruettiman, and William Tincup attended.  Debbie also brought along a friend from Aquire, Inc. and a friend from ADP.

I encourage everyone to get involved in social media.  It makes good business sense and good personal sense.  If you have any questions or need help getting started, just ask and I’m happy to assist.

More later….



About Trish McFarlane

Trish is a practicing HR professional with over 15 years of experience in Big 4 public accounting, PR, and healthcare. She is also an international speaker. With expertise in leadership, employee relations, performance management, training & development, change management, social media, and innovation, Trish is able to capture readers and audiences with real-life examples of how leadership plays out in organizations. I am also a working mother of 7 year old twins with a great hubby and three dogs I adore. View all posts by Trish McFarlane

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