S.O.G. with P.I.P. Inspiration

I was inspired by a post by Kari Quaas today.  She wrote about and posted a picture from 1975 of her family.  There are so many reasons her post inspired me.  The fact that her grandmother had a S.O.G with P.I.P. (Silly Old Grandma with Pictures In Purse) album, just like mine had.  The fact that the picture could have been about my own family.  I encourage you to read her post.

In the spirit of her post, I want to share one of my family.

This picture is circa 1980 and is special because it has my grandparents, my father (holding me) and my little sister.  I don’t really think I remember my dad actually having that much hair.  I like that he’s holding me.  The reason was because I was feeling bad because I had just had my tonsils removed about a week before Christmas.  My little sister looks so happy and was probably having a great time with her presents.  I am holding the most favorite baby doll I ever had.  Her name was Angelina.  And, my grandparents were there.  My grammy is now 90 years old and has full-blown Alzheimer’s, so she doesn’t remember any of this.  My grandpa, aka “Pa”, is just as wonderful as ever.

It’s also cool for me because my parents still have that ugly mirror hanging in their house today.  We’re also sitting on the couch that my mom kept covered with a sheet most of my life.  Because it was Christmas, she took the sheet off the couch for a day.  And, some of those ornaments on the tree still hang on my own Christmas tree each year.

I like being inspired by bloggers.  I like when they post something that makes me want to examine my own life.  Inspiration is a wonderful thing.  What pictures from your childhood do you have?  What can you share?


About Trish McFarlane

Trish is a practicing HR professional with over 15 years of experience in Big 4 public accounting, PR, and healthcare. She is also an international speaker. With expertise in leadership, employee relations, performance management, training & development, change management, social media, and innovation, Trish is able to capture readers and audiences with real-life examples of how leadership plays out in organizations. I am also a working mother of 7 year old twins with a great hubby and three dogs I adore. View all posts by Trish McFarlane

2 responses to “S.O.G. with P.I.P. Inspiration

  • Kari Quaas

    I don’t believe I’ve ever inspired a post before. I’m super glad to have triggered these memories for you, Trish. Great photo, great memories. I especially love the idea of a sheet being removed just because it was Christmas. Awesome.

  • Beatrix Christine Blans Duggan

    I gave my mother a S.O.G. with P.I.P. photo album when she became a grandmother in 1972. She has since passed away & I inherited the book back. The photos bring back many memories of my little sons who are now in their 30’s.. Thanks for the sweet reminders.

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